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Webbox - Ham Bone Dog Treats

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35,000 LBP

You will have all heard the phrase; “Give a dog a bone!” and why not make that bone a tasty Webbox Ham Bone? Our Ham Bones are made with 100% cured ham bone, meaning it’s a natural alternative for treat time.

Chewing on bones is known to promote good dental hygiene within dogs, as chewing helps scrape plaque from their teeth, resulting in fresher breath and healthier teeth.

As with all bones and treats, always supervise your canine while chewing. Provide fresh drinking water at all times as chomping on those bones can be thirsty work! Be sure to also regularly check the bone for any signs of damage or splintering and discard at the first sign of wear and tear.

Crude Protein: 33.5%
Crude Fibre: 2%
Fat Content: 20%
Crude Ash: 9%
Moisture: 28%
Feeding Guide
Complementary pet food for adult dogs only. For small to medium breeds only, always supervise your pet when feeding and choose a bone larger than your dog’s mouth. Bone is to be chewed over several sittings and not eaten. Always provide fresh drinking water. Not recommended for dogs with digestive problems or aggressive chewers. Remove bone immediately if splintering occurs. This is a natural product, small fragments may break off and potentially cause a choking hazard. This product may cause harm. Product may stain. Please feed to your dog responsibility. Pet owner assumes all responsibility associated with the consumption of this natural bone product.