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Virbac - ParaStop

137,000 LBP

95% of a flea population living in the home environment, Indorex is a vital part of any integrated flea control program. Indorex kills adult fleas and house dust mites on contact for up to 2 months after application, and prevents the development of flea eggs and larvae for up to 12 months.

Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide provide synergistic adulticide activity ensuring rapid knockdown of adult fleas and house dust mites for up to 2 months.
Pyriproxyfen acts as an insect growth regulator for year long control of eggs and larvae.

Odourless and easy to use.UV stable-works well in sunlight areas such as cars and conservatories.Acts on contact, not ingestion.

Prevents environmental reinfestation for up to 12 months.
A single 500ml is sufficient for an average sized 3 bedroom home.Winner of the Your Dog magazine award for best flea product for the home for 10 consecutive years, and the Your Cat magazine award for 6 consecutive years!

This product is not to be applied directly to your pet.


Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide, Pyriproxyfen, Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium