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Virbac - Healthy and Fresh Breath

105,000 LBP
  • facilitates grabbing and chewing.
  • Contributes to maintaining a fresh and healthy breath.
  • Helps strengthen teeth and limits the formation of tartar and dental plaque through regular use.
  • Exists in different sizes to suit the weight of the animal.
  • Small for under 10kg
  • Medium for above 10kg

This product is suitable for dogs from 5 to 30kgs

Ask your veterinarian for advice. Read the instructions carefully.

Give a lamella daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Always keep clean, fresh water available to the animal.


corn starch, glycerin, soy protein concentrate, rice flour, yeast, sorbitol, corn cobs, polyol (erythritol), chicory inulin, concentrated pomegranate.

Analytical constituents: crude protein: 19.0%, Crude ash 1.8%, crude fiber 1.3%, crude fat: 0.9%.