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Red Dingo - Warm Coat

225,000 LBP

Super comfy, super warm - this is the coat for your dog this winter!

With its unique fully adjustable features, Red Dingo’s Warm Coat for dogs is designed for all shapes and sizes. With hollow fiber insulation, luscious fleece lining and fashionable colors, this coat will combine comfort and style in cold weather. Windproof, waterproof and fully machine washable.

  • Soft cozy fleece lining
  • Reflective trim for safety
  • Microfiber faux suede outer shell
  • Breathable water & windproof membrane
  • Hollow fiber insulation
25 - Length: 25cm; Head & Neck: 32cm; Waist: 46cm
30 - Length: 30cm; Head & Neck: 41cm; Waist: 56cm
35 - Length: 35cm; Head & Neck: 46cm; Waist: 64cm
40 - Length: 40cm; Head & Neck: 51cm; Waist: 72cm
45 - Length: 45cm; Head & Neck: 55cm; Waist: 80cm
50 - Length: 50cm; Head & Neck: 59cm; Waist: 88cm
55 - Length: 55cm; Head & Neck: 63cm; Waist: 96cm
60 - Length: 60cm; Head & Neck: 66cm; Waist: 104cm
65 - Length: 65cm; Head & Neck: 70cm; Waist: 112cm
70 - Length: 70cm; Head & Neck: 73cm; Waist: 120cm