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Inodoriona - Floor detergent Talco perfume 1 liter

138,000 LBP
Inodorina Magic Home is a perfuming detergent, specific for environments inhabited by pets. It is suitable for all washable surfaces and for all types of floors. It can be used also to clean boxes, kennels, bedding and cages. It does not leave halos nor sticky marks.

Inodorina magic home is highly concentrated. It should be diluited in water 1% to 10% depending how dirty the surfaces is and the amount of fragrance you want. Do not rinse. In case of stains or particular dirt you can use pure on a sponge, then rinse.

It should be diluted with water from 1% to 10% depending on the type of cleaning and the desired fragrance. Do not rush to rinse. In case of stains or particular dirt it can be used pure on a sponge and then dried.

Water, Hostapur sas 30 (Sodium Alcan Sulphonate), Slovasol (Ex Marlipal 31-1085), Talc Perfume, Sodium Bicarbonate, Caustic Soda Solution 50%, Color E131, Acticide MBS, Powersil AF 1000 Silimod 10 (Defoamer).