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Gnawlers - Flavored Bone for Dog 20cm

53,000 LBP
Gnawlers Beef and chicken Bone , is a specialized and functional food supplement, bone-shaped, Beef flavor . The bone contains Probiotics to promote the health of the intestinal flora, with a rough texture to help remove tartar and dental plaque, with a compact structure, long-lasting to satisfy the taste of gnawing and biting in dogs of all breeds and ages.

100% digestible
Reduce tartar and plaque
No artificial colors
To toast at any time of the day
Use it as a supplement to the diet that meets your dog's daily needs.
Not suitable for human consumption
Remember to feed the dog under your guidance and ensure that the dog should always have access to plenty of water.
Store in a cool, dry place
It is the perfect bone to make your cocky enjoy a long time while eating and getting stronger. Benefits: -100% Digestible. -Reduces tartar and plaque. -No artificial colors. -Ideal for healthy diets. -No sugars or artificial salts. -Does not produce allergies. This presentation consists of an 8 ″ bone