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Gigwi Feather Teaser - Model E

165,000 LBP
The Gigwi Feather Teaser - Model E is a uniquely designed cat toy that boasts a long, durable TPR handle, a plush tail that mimics the natural coloration of prey, and a collection of feathers at the end of a rope to create a truly enjoyable play experience for your favorite feline. The long handle protects from accidental scratches and allows pet owners to whip, snap and twitch the feathers with the flick of a wrist, creating exceptionally prey-like movements that your cat will instinctively be unable to resist. It allows cats to engage in natural predatory behaviors and practice jumping, pouncing, and swatting, which helps to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Quality playtime helps to create an intimate bond between pet and owner, and the Gigwi Feather Teaser is the perfect toy to share a fun afternoon together.