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Feeding and medication Kit

13,000 LBP
  • Ideal for controlled feeding of dogs, cats, and other animals.
  • can be used for feeding baby animals that have not yet begun to eat on their own.
  • easy to use aid for feeding formula, water, or medication
  • made in tough polysterene
  • washable & reusable
  • contains 2 teats which may be sterilized

Feed with formula and thinner medications:

Before loading the syringe, make sure you have some cleanup materials nearby, as this can be a messy business. Attach a nipple and draw the liquid into the syringe. Gently introduce the teat into the animal's mouth whilst slowly pushing the plunger thus allowing the animal to suckle the liquid. Please always use caution when using nipples on syringes so the animal does not swallow the nipples.

Feed with thicker medications and formula:

Use the tapered tip of the syringe to feed thicker fluids. Fill the syring with thicker fluids and then slowly lower the syringe end to push the food into your pet's mouth.

Feed with solid food / medications:

Locate the medication in the tapered tip of the syringe. Gently lower the syringe end to push medication into your pet's mouth. Do this at a steady but slow rate so that your pet has ample time to lick the medication and swallow it.