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Elite - 2 in 1 invisible flying mouse

664,000 LBP
Cats love to play and in lots of different ways, so build a toy collection that's fun and diverse to help fulfill their playtime needs. Sometimes cats just need a toy to pat and trap from above, that's why our flipping and flapping range adds a fun challenge to their playtime.

This Invisible Flying Mouse is an interactive 2 in 1 toy with an undercover mouse and rotating flying feather which your cat won't be able to resist. Includes slow, fast, and random functions to keep your cat entertained and will automatically switch off after 15 minutes on random.

Perfect for:
Gripping and grappling;
Chasing and catching;
Prowling and pouncing.

Requires 3 x AA batteries not included.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 20 x 27 x 6cm

Please ensure this toy is suitable for your pet's preferences, chewing habits and size, remembering that no toy is completely indestructible. Always supervise your pet during play, and regularly check your pet's toys, removing and replacing them if damaged or if parts become detached and could be a choking hazard, and seek immediate veterinary attention if any material is ingested.