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Dr. Clauder's - Puppy 20kg

525,000 LBP
chicken meat flour (31%), corn, rice, poultry fat, beet pulp, hydrolyzed protein, fish meal, flax seed, rice gluten, chicory powder (1%), brewer's yeast (dry, incl. 0.05% Glucan), egg whole (dry), potassium chloride, sodium chloride.

Nutritionalis values: proteins 30.00%, fats 19.50%, fibers 2.50%, ash 7.00%, calcium 1.20%, phosphorus 0.90%, sodium 0.35%

Additives / kg: Nutritional additives: A-15,000 iE, D3-1,500 iE, E-250 mg, B1-3 mg, B2-7 mg, B6-2 mg, B12-50 mcg, C-100 mg, Biotin 225 mcg , folate 1 mg, Nicotinic acid 23 mg, Pantothenic acid 20 mg, Choline chloride 1375 mg, copper sulphate II 12.50 mg, zinc sulphate II 87.50 mg, iodine (calcium-iodine anhydride) 3.30 mg, selenium (sodium selenate II) 0.23 mg Contains antioxidants (Tocopherol extracts of natural origin, propyl gallate) To be consumed within / CH.-B .: see stamping. Without artificial colors and flavorings. Protect from moisture