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Dr. Clauder - High Premium Lamb & Rice (5,15)kg

1,663,000 LBP

With Dr.Clauder's High Premium Sensitive Lamb & Rice, sensitive dogs have an easily digestible, tasty complete food. Even dogs with a poor appetite or with a nervous appearance will find all the nutrients they need in this low-stress whole food. Meat from naturally raised lambs and the digestible rice will taste good and do your dog good. High Premium Lamb & Rice is free from wheat and preservatives. 1kg dry food corresponds to the nutritional value of 420g fresh meat.

 Lamb protein (dried) 14%, millet, corn, barley, poultry protein (dried), rice 10%, rice bran, poultry fat, dried beet pulp, protein hydrolyzate, yeast (dried), sodium chloride, chicory powder, mannanoligosaccharides, peas (dried), chondroitin sulfate, Glucosamine, potassium chloride. 

crude protein 24%, crude fat 13%, crude fiber 3%, crude ash 7.4%, calcium 1.6%, phosphorus 1.1%, sodium 0.3%. 

Vitamins: A 15,000IE, D3 1,200IE, E 150mg, B1 10mg, B2 10mg, B6 6mg, B12 120mcg, C 70mg, biotin 500mcg, folic acid 3mg, nicotinic acid 40mg, pantothenic acid 30mg, choline 1,700mg , Copper (as copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) 10mg, zinc (as zinc oxide) 90mg, zinc (as amino acid zinc chelate, hydrate) 45mg, iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2mg, selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.2mg. 

antioxidants (high tocopherol extracts of natural origin, propyl gallate).