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Catit - Play 3 in 1 Circuit Ball Toy with Cat Grass

104,000 LBP

The Catit Play Circuit Ball Toy is a 3 in 1 activity toy that will entertain your kitty with hours of playtime. The 3 in 1 activity toy includes seeds and soil to grow cat grass, a circuit ball toy, a bouncy bee.

The Cat grass sits in the middle of the circuit and brings the nutritious benefits of the outdoors indoors. The grass is a natural source of fiber, which is known to help digestion and help prevent hairball buildups. Seeds and soil are included so you can grow fresh and healthy cat grass.

The circuit ball toy excites and entices your cat to chase. The bouncy bee appeals to a cat's natural hunting instincts to swat and captures the bee.

Also available in different colors and styles.