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Bubbles - Yorkshire Shampoo 250ml

140,000 LBP

Yorkshire Shampoo Bubble's been specially developed for Yorkshire Terrier, but can also be used for all long-haired breeds. Professional and special care products are extremely important for the Yorkie hair care. This mild shampoo is based on an aloe vera formula. It is rich in nutrients, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. It stimulates cell reproduction and strengthens hair roots in a natural way. The dog skin is lastingly moisturized. The coat is smoothed in a natural way, maintained, and replaced by a radiant glow. This Yorkshire shampoo with a balanced pH, soothes irritated skin. The shampoo has a deodorizing effect, maintains and supplies the naturally beautiful hair.

  • suitable for Yorkshire Terriers and for all long-haired breeds
  • based on an aloe vera formula; rich in nutrients, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes
  • strengthens hair roots; balanced pH
  • smooths and nourishes the hair, gives shine and radiance to the coat
  • a deodorant effect, has a beautiful scent of Aloe Vera