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Bubbles - Aloe vera & Bamboo Shampoo

142,000 LBP
The universal dog shampoo from Bubbles has been specially developed for pets that need to be washed often. The dog shampoo is suitable for every skin and coat type. The product is a ph-neutral and moisturizing shampoo for dogs. Its nourishing formula with extracts of aloe vera and bamboo, which are rich in vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts, proteins and enzymes, ensures multiple effects: it is nutrient-rich, soothes, repairs the attacked coat structure, provides moisture, stimulates cell regeneration and is pleasant Refreshing effect.
  • suitable for dogs with all skin and fur types
  • foams well and cleans the fur thoroughly and efficiently
  • well-tolerated by the skin thanks to its mild composition
  • suitable for frequent use
  • makes the fur easy to comb and shiny
  • nutritious - contains extracts of aloe vera and bamboo
  • calms, repairs the attacked fur structure, moisturizes, stimulates cell regeneration
  • gives the fur a fresh, long-lasting scent of aloe vera