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Brit Premium - Wet cat food with beef fillet 85g

20,000 LBP

Brit Premium wet food contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for a complete nutrition of our pets. It also contains taurine, an important ingredient in maintaining visual acuity and cardiovascular health in cats. The pouches will perfectly complement the complete Brit Premium dry food and will add variety to your cat's nutrition!

Composition: 82% meat and meat by-products (8% beef extracts of plant proteins, plant by-products (0.4% inulin), minerals, carbohydrates.

Feeding Recommendations: Follow the daily dosage indicated in the feeding chart. The animal should always have access to fresh drinking water. The product must be brought to room temperature before feeding. Storage conditions: store at temperatures from 0 to + 25 ° С, relative air humidity no more than 80%. After opening, it is recommended to refrigerate and consume the food within 48 hours.