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Divinus - Adult 20kg

737,000 LBP
Complete food for animals. It must be served dry. Quantities of food can be different, according to activity, breed of dog, and environmental conditions. Have clean and fresh water always available.

Weight 20kg

Cereal grains, Meat and animal by-products, Plant by-products, Oil and fat, Mineral substances, Yeasts.

Gross Protein: 23%; Gross Fibre: 3%; Gross Fat Content: 8%; Gross Ash: 8%.


Vitamins A 13.200 UI.
Vitamins D3 1.440 UI.
Vitamins E 102 mg.
Vitamins K 0.36 mg.


 Weight of Dog

Feeding Quantity



5-10kg 220-330g
10-15kg 330-440g
15-20kg 440-495g
20-25kg 495-550g
25-30kg 550-660g
30-35kg 500-600g