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How to use the Dog Food Sampler

How to use the Dog Food Sampler

How do I use the Sampler box?

There is not one correct method that suits everyone however, we encourage you to use any method that works for your pooch. We at Petriotics have experimented with different methods, and have come up with suggestions that we think might be helpful. First introduce the box and the scents of the foods inside it to your dog. Make sure you are not testing on a hungry or full dog as this might alter your results. A hungry dog is likely to eat the first thing you might offer. Similarly a full belly isn’t actually going to encourage a dog to try something new. If you are feeding two servings/day try this test in between those two servings (Typically that is 6 hours after the first meal). It is also important to make sure your dog is well exercised and calm. A bouncy dog exited to go on a walk (especially since the dog needs to be on a leash) isn’t going to be up for a food tasting activity. Start by spreading the samples while closed and arrange them in a line with about half a meter of clearance between every sample and the next. A long balcony or your backyard might be a good place to do this experiment. Put your dog on a leash and do a pass by every box noting the time she takes to sniff every one of them. If your dog was distracted help her by pointing towards the sampler for her to sniff it. Repeat another pass by with the sample boxes open this time, again noting the time they spend sniffing or trying to taste the new delight. If your dog is trying to eat everything. Then worry not, you don’t have a picky dog, feed the best food your budget can afford. After two passes or more you will notice that your dog develops a pattern for certain samplers and not others. Feed them their choice as a treat first. If your dog craves more for it, you have a winner.

My dog made her mind, what now?


Changing your pet’s diet should be a gradual process. Start by adding a small amount of your pet’s new food to their current food (Ex 20% new food vs 80% old food). Gradually increase the new food amount and decrease the current food amount at each feeding (Ex 20% increments at every serving). Continue this method for approximately one week. For sensitive pets, extend the period to 10 to 14 days. Also it might be helpful to make sure the last memory that the dog had of the food is that of craving. Try to remove his portion by lifting the food bawl upwards. Starving your dog is never advisable however reducing his portion at first will incentivize your pet to try the new food you want to give her. What your dog remembers last about any experience is what your dog will learn about that experience.   Have you tried the Sampler Box? Did you apply the methods above? let us know how it went in the comments below.
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