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Why I started Petriotics

Why I started Petriotics

As a dog and cat parent for quite a while now, I have always had frustrations while getting my pet supplies. I always seemed to push this task until the last food serving. It is then when an unexpected trip to the nearest pet supplies store disrupted my convenience. I got stuck in traffic, had to carry my 13 kg dog food all the way home, and shopping for treats toys and accessories was boring as hell. Why? I always went to that same old shop that is near my house or on my way back from work. I saw the same treats, toys and accessories over and over again!  Not to forget that quality goodies come at an expensive price, I always had to do the calculations in my head to see if they fit my budget or not. Nevertheless, every single shop tried to lead me to a certain food brand and claimed that it was healthy, only to find out later that it was not. On top of all that, being the animal fanatic that I am. I have always been supportive of animal welfare and believed that combined efforts could contribute to better conditions for shelter pets. As cliche as it may sound, “I knew there had to be a better way…” Every month, we pet parents get out of our way to get our pet supplies whether its pet food, or treats toys and accessories. What if there was a solution that would allow pet parents to pre-schedule their pet food supplies? What if whenever convenient, we receive a surprise box full with quality treats toys and accessories, delivered to our doorstep, and for less than the market price? What if we can shop and donate at no extra cost? So for the past year, like minded people, each with different set of skills; set out to build a new hassle free, fun and community driven, pet supplies shopping experience. We believe in giving back to the community and that small contributions can make a big difference. We therefore have committed 10% of our profits from every successful shipment to be donated to the animal organization of the your choice. We now provide premium pet food (dog food, cat food) and a premium surprise box of treats toys and useful accessories for both dogs and cats. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!
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